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Domestic Violence & Lupis

Fight against Lupus

Empower lupus warriors: raise awareness, fund research, and cultivate compassion for those battling the invisible fight

Fight against Lupus

Domestic Violence

Break the silence, end the violence: stand up, speak out, and support survivors of domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence

Other Types of Pain

If you are struggling with mental, physical or pain in general.

Other Types of Pain

Today, I stand before you to address a matter of utmost importance – domestic violence. As we gather here during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it is crucial that we shine a light on this dark reality that affects countless individuals and families worldwide.

Behind closed doors,

within the sanctity of our homes, those trapped in abusive relationships suffer in silence, often fearing the consequences of speaking out.


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Empowering global healing from Domestic Violence, Lupus, and various forms of pain, we, as an LLC, are committed to crafting inclusive resources for individuals worldwide, transcending the limitations of a 501(c)(3).